Welcome to Just Eyeglasses

I was finding that many of my patients appreciated the convenience of at-home eyeglasses shopping and buying, but they also wanted the guidance and support of professional optometrists and opticians.

I created JustEyeglasses so that we could deliver for our Patients and Guests

Just Eyeglasses gives us the opportunity to connect eyeglasses buyers in your region with the best Independent eyecare providers.  We want these eyeglasses wearers to know that we can meet them where they want to be for eyeglasses buying, but we know that we can provide them with the best care for their vision and eye health.

We are equally motivated to make sure that our partner providers are as thrilled as our Just Eyeglasses customers are.

If you are an independent eyecare professional and you are interested in how partnering with Just Eyeglasses can help your patients and your practice, please share your contact information with us and we will be in touch.